Brama Town

Brama Town is a small, beautiful village with a population of around one thousand people, located about 30km south of Freetown. It is a community of basket weavers who run a small stall by the main high way. With a total of 30 weavers, they make a small but close-knit team. Samuel Walker Mansaray is the village chief and the head of the Brama basket weavers’ group. Samuel was taught weaving by his brother-in-law and had the idea of bringing weaving to the community. The different tasks of the weaving process are shared within the team, and the weaving is done gradually. 

On discovering their basket stall in 2017, Aurora Foundation initially placed an order of 40 baskets. The work was shared amongst the people of the village and completed within two days. We would have been happy to wait around longer to absorb more of the aura that Brama Town exudes through its incredible community spirit. Today, many of the youth participate in this industry, providing the community with its primary source of income as small-scale vegetable production is the only other economic activity to speak of.