Hugdetta is a product and interior design company based in northern Iceland. The husband-wife team Róshildur Jónsdóttir and Snæbjörn Þór Stefansson founded the company in 2008 and have been designing and producing their products ever since, as well as taking on projects such as interior design for other companies.

Róshildur and Snæbjörn graduated in Product Design from the Icelandic Academy of the arts in 2006.

Some of their most significant projects have been designing and building their luxury accommodation, both Grettisborg in Reykjavík and Svartaborg in the north of Iceland.

They have also designed public spaces of many sorts, from offices, stage design, bars, and a restaurant in New York to a children’s ward in a hospital.

Hugdetta has exhibited in many international design exhibitions worldwide, including many shows in Iceland, such as all the Design March Shows in Reykjavik since 2009. Stockholm furniture fair, Malmö, Kalmar, Helsinki, Tokyo and Seoul, London and Dubai, and several collaboration shows that have toured the world.

Farmers Market

Farmers Market is an Icelandic design company and clothing brand, founded in 2005 by an artist couple, designer Bergthora Gudnadottir and musician Jóel Pálsson

With strong ties to the vibrant Icelandic music and design scene, the Farmers Market design concept and inspiration draws from Icelandic roots, combining  classic Nordic design elements with chic modernity.

Natural fabrics, craftmanship and respect for the environment are key values of the brand.  Authentically styled, yet sophisticated and wearable, the clothing is suited for a wide range of occasions, outdoor activities as well as city life.

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As We Grow

As We Grow is an Icelandic design company and clothing brand that takes inspiration from its roots, combining classic Nordic design elements with chic modernity. At As We Grow, execute slow fashion, creating quality clothing that lasts; is timeless and designed to grow with the child.

As We Grow is inspired by a true story about a knitted sweater journey from one child to another over several years. After being passed on from boy to girl; loved, worn, lost in snow in Iceland and found again, temporarily finding a home in Amsterdam, the sweater became a part of the family and friend’s history, linking a chain of people together.

Green Giraffe

The Green Giraffe is a design label based in Freetown, Sierra Leone, highlighting local talent and founded on the principles of fair-trade practices. Green Giraffe partners with local communities to contribute to paving the way toward social and economic self-sufficiency. Green Giraffe products not only provide the artisans with a steady stream of work at above-market wages in good working conditions, but they are also broadening their skillset by applying methods and techniques which are new to them while working on less familiar garments. Their products are crafted by talented weavers and tailors selected through equal-opportunity practices. Moreover, most of their products are upcycled from discarded clothing or scrap fabrics, making them sustainable and environmentally friendly! Their mission is to continually grow & create influential goods, promoting compassion & respect while impacting the communities in which they work.


Aurora Foundation worked with 1+1+1 at the start of the Sweet Salone project. A collection of houseware products designed by the team was launched in 2018 at DesignMarch, Iceland´s most prominent design festival.  The project examines and reimagines objects by having each studio design an object consisting of three distinct parts and then mixing the parts up into unpredictable combinations. A set of rules is agreed upon but no information is shared during the process not to influence each other’s design work. 1+1+1 is a rare collaboration with no compromises, as each studio designs its objects according to its philosophy. Combining the different parts into new combinations is an almost brutally concrete form of cooperation.