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How we work

All our products result from the craftmanship and dedication of our artisans in Sierra Leone and the international designers that work with them. Every purchase supports local artisans and makes an impact in their community.

Sweet Salone is part of the non-profit Aurora Foundation.


ethically produced

We work directly with our artisans and have a long standing relationship with them. We pay them fairly for their work and support them to work in a safe and healthy environment.


All our products are made from natural, renewable resources from Sierra Leone and we ensure that the production does not negatively impact the environment.

from sierra leone

We have been working with artisans from Sierra Leone since 2016. Despite the country´s incredible beauty and rich resource base, it has one of the lowest per capita income in the world.


All our products are handmade with the care and craftsmanship of the artisans making each product unique. You will always see who made your product on the tag that is on the product you receive.

Impact Assessment 2022


Women artisans


Under 40 years old


Proportion of artisans that have dependents


Artisans that used Income to pay for school fees

Number of artisans we worked with

Number of products produced


Increase in production year on year

Dorcas James from Lettie Stuart

Lamin Kamara from Brama Town

Ibrahim Kallon weaver

Amie Julius from Lumley Market

Massah Dukalay from Lumley Market