Coffee cup with handle

Coffee cup with handle


Unique ceramic coffee cup with handle designed by Hugdetta and hand made by the potters in the Lettie Stuart Pottery. 

Available dark gray/black.

There is always some colour difference between each item, depending on where the item is situated in the kiln during the firing (different heat). The shape can also differ slightly between any two items as there are several potters throwing each item.

Height ca. 8 cm.

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Elevate your coffee experience with the Coffee Cup with Handle. Expertly made by the artists at Lettie Stuart Pottery, it reflects the charm of tradition and the allure of modern design.

The Process:
At the heart of every creation lies a meticulous process. Transforming raw clay into a masterpiece takes time, around three to five weeks, influenced by the seasons. We source raw clay from a clay-rich village and transport it to our pottery center, allowing it to dry naturally.

Once dry, the clay is carefully processed. After being pounded and sieved to create a fine powder, it’s washed by mixing with water, and then gently drained. Following another sieving, the clay rests on a plastic surface to let excess water escape. With care, it’s kneaded and readied.

Our artisans shape each piece on the kick wheel, patiently crafting the perfect form. Then begins the drying process, which can extend up to three weeks, influenced by weather conditions. Rainy seasons can be challenging, with high humidity levels affecting drying times.

When the piece is adequately dry, it’s fired in the kiln, a process known as bisque firing. Our wood-fired kiln infuses each piece with character during a firing cycle lasting at least 12 hours. After this, a delicate glazing process takes place, followed by a high firing that can span up to a week.

This journey culminates in a product that’s ready to grace your space. Each piece is a testament to our dedication to craftsmanship, from the raw clay to the final masterpiece.

Designed by the Icelandic design team: Hugdetta Studio, brought to life by the master potters of the Lettie Stuart Pottery.