Unique hand woven basket designed in cooperation between Sweet Salone and the weavers of Brama Town.

Height ca 21 cm, Width ca 35 cm.

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The Hassan Basket is a testament to weaving artistry. Hand-crafted by Brama Town’s skilled weavers, it’s a blend of tradition and meticulous skill. The process: Our journey begins with the sourcing of materials from the lush woods around Brama Town and neighboring communities. These natural treasures are acquired from locals who supply our weavers. Upon receiving the raw materials, the weavers commence their artistic process. The initial step involves precise cutting. Through a method known as chipping, the material is uniformly prepared, paving the way for the subsequent tearing phase. Tearing occurs in two distinct stages. Firstly, the material is divided into broad segments, followed by a further split into smaller sizes. Subsequently, the materials are exposed to the sun for a minimum of 30 minutes, allowing them to naturally dry. During the wet season, this drying period can extend to two or three days, adapting to the environment. Once the materials achieve the ideal level of dryness, the weavers meticulously clean each piece, preparing them for the transformational weaving process. This marks the juncture where their artistic journey truly unfolds, culminating in the creation of exceptional woven products.