Pillow – Black/beige w/ beige back

Pillow – Black/beige w/ beige back


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Unique handwoven pillow designed by Green Giraffe and handmade in Sierra Leone. The pillow case is made from up-cycled cotton, making it sustainable and environmentally friendly!

One size (50 by 50cm), but different color combinations.

Handmade by Mariatu Koroma (the weaver) and Alusine Bangura (the tailor). Designed by the Green Giraffe.

Crafting with Care: A Journey from Market to product

Our creation process begins with sourcing cotton from Freetown’s vibrant second-hand market. Here, the weaver handpicks sweaters, blankets, and other cotton-thread items. These treasures are then given new life as the weaver meticulously deconstructs them into cotton yarn threads, igniting the transformative process.

Using the traditional Kontri Cloth method, the weaver weaves the cotton yarn threads into intricate pieces that hold the essence of tradition. These woven marvels are skillfully fashioned into pouches, with an interior lined in soft poplin cotton fabric, adding a touch of luxury.

Caring for Your Creation: Artistry Meets Practicality

Due to the unique handwoven nature, we recommend gentle spot cleaning for maintenance. Each piece carries the mark of its handmade journey, resulting in the occasional imperfection such as slight discolorations, pattern variations, or minor pulls at seam joins. These charming irregularities are not defects; rather, they embody the authenticity of craftsmanship.

Uniquely Yours: A World of One-of-a-Kind

Every item we create is a testament to individuality, as no two are alike. Our commitment to artistry and authenticity ensures that each piece is an exceptional masterpiece, bearing the hallmark of true craftsmanship.