A Tale of Collaboration: Brama Town Weavers and Hugdetta Studio

Brama Town is a village with a population of approximately one thousand people, this village is about 30km south of Freetown, where the rhythm of life beats to the art of weaving. Weaving Dreams into Reality: At the helm of this weaving community is Samuel Walker Mansaray, the village chief and head of the Brama basket weavers’ group. Samuel’s journey into weaving was inspired by his brother-in-law’s teachings. With a total of 30 weavers, the Brama weavers form a tight-knit team, each contributing to the intricate process that gradually brings their woven creations to life. A Touch of Aurora’s Vision: In 2017, Brama Town’s artisans caught the attention of Aurora Foundation, igniting a transformative collaboration. Aurora Foundation commissioned an initial order of 40 baskets, a task that united the village in purpose. In just two days, the baskets were woven, a testament to the weavers’ skill and dedication. Today, the youth of the village actively engage in this craft, establishing basket weaving as a vital source of income, surpassing the humble earnings from small-scale vegetable cultivation. A Meeting of Creativity and Tradition: In the spirit of artistic fusion, Hugdetta Studio, an Icelandic design team, embarked on a journey to Brama Town. Together with the weavers, they conjured a collection that now graces our Sweet Salone brand. This collaboration has seamlessly woven modern design with traditional craftsmanship, breathing life into an array of captivating products. Empowering Communities, Celebrating Heritage: Brama Town stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and the preservation of cultural heritage. The partnership between Brama Town weavers and Hugdetta Studio symbolizes the fusion of creativity, tradition, and the shared vision of empowerment. Each creation tells a story, each stitch carries a legacy, and every sale resonates with the spirit of Brama Town, echoing through time as a harmonious melody of collaboration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmJMTAB9-UM