Guðbjörg from KerRvk is here!

The center busses with life everyday, and the humor and happiness in the air are very tangible. Guðbjörg is here!

Guðbjörg Káradóttir is the founder of Ker, a brand based in Reykjavik Iceland. All items by Ker are designed and handmade on the wheel with passion and respect for the craft. Guðbjörg Káradóttir is well known in Iceland and has made a name for herself by making the most stunning coffee cups, minimalistic Christmas trees and her work for some of the best restaurants in Iceland an even New York, Read more about Guðbjörg here and here. 

We have been working with Guðbjörg since 2018,She has added great value to The Lettie Stuart Pottery and continues to do so. Back in 2018 when she first arrived, she arrived with another potter, Halldóra Þorláksdóttir. They put in a lot of much-needed work. The pottery center and school got re-established as a result of that visit.

In 2019 she came back, and during that time, she came to teach in the school that had been established the year before after her first visit. We are very thankful for Guðbjörg’s expertise, time, and effort they have proven very fruitful for the pottery. Due to Covid Guðbjörg did not visit in 2020, but as soon as it was possible she returned, which was In March 2021 Guðbjörg came again and worked at the pottery alongside Peter Korompai, that time she spent 3 months here! conducting some research on clay and experimenting with various types of glazing as well. In early 2022 Guðbjörg came again, that time around focusing on increasing the efficiency and specialization of the production line, making the workspace pleasant, smooth, and productive.

And yes, that makes this year’s visit her 5th one! We are so very grateful to have her on board, the cooperation has been absolutely wonderful. The consistency and quality of the products at the pottery demonstrate the value of great cooperation. There has been a lot of testing going on, doing experiments with new clay from Magbeni are proving very promising, as well as new glazes. An interesting fact about the glaze, the pottery just received its very first bag of rutile, it has taken us 4 years to get the bag – rutile is produced in Sierra Leone, but it is complicated to get it for domestic use.Rutile is very popular in the pottery world, but rutile produces colors ranging from light and dark blue to tan, gold, yellow, and even purple.

We look forward to telling you more about Guðbjörg’s visit and showing you pictures of the results from some of the testing! We are pretty sure they will turn out amazing – as per usual.

Guðbjörg’s company has its own Instagram profile, we highly recommend checking it out – @kerrvk

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Pictures from Guðbjörg’s visits over the years below:


Testing variations of glaze

Guðbjörg focused and in the zone as per usual.

Sourcing some new clay to test out at the pottery. Very promising.

Guðbjörg and Peter, whom we have also been working with for many years, or since 2019!

Guðbjörg with late Braima (to the left) and Mohammed (to the right)