New collaboration with The Green Giraffe!

We are very happy to announce that we have started collaborating with a new designer under our Sweet Salone project. The Green Giraffe is a project led by its founder, Sea Ramanat, a Canadian Freetown resident. Its main focus is to empower communities in Freetown towards social and economic self-sufficiency through sustainable and eco-friendly artisanal production. Exactly in line with Aurora´s Sweet Salone project and, therefore, a well-founded partnership. Many of the products are made from up-cycled fabrics, making the production process extremely sustainable and environmentally friendly. Aurora has the Green Giraffe products available in its office on Wilkinson Road, Freetown, and currently, the variety includes beautiful handbag pouches and pillow covers (see pictures below). Soon these will also be available in shops in the Netherlands.

We look forward to seeing where The Green Giraffe and Aurora Foundation collaboration will take us, but certainly to well-made and beautiful paths! To learn more about the Green Giraffe you can visit their website here and find them on Instagram here.